The Cheapest Way To Produce Electricity.
Solar energy became the cheapest way to produce electricity in sunny countries. Actually, the basic necessity – energy – is now much more democratic than ever before. By bringing electricity to the most remote areas, we hope for millions of people to improve:
  • education levels (reading, internet);
  • improve the life quality and – expectancy (fridges for medication, hospitals with electricity);
  • enhance safety (lightning, communication)
Cheap and reliable electricity also provides enormous possibilities to develop local industry.
Our Mission

We aim to be the number one preferred supplier for YOU as our customer, for reliable, impactful and sustainable solar energy products and not just in our home country Denmark, but also in all of the EU.

Solar Energy On A Larger Scale.

Contrary to what some people still think, it is today possible to provide large industrial consumers, whole communities, big farms and complete cities with electricity from solar panels. Actually, as long as there is rooftop – or ground space available, it is perfectly possible to set up solar plants that can produce multiple MWs of clean energy.