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Based in Denmark we aim to be the number one preferred supplier for YOU as a reseller and your customers, for a reliable, impactful and sustainable solar energy products and not just in our home country Denmark, but also in all of the EU, USA as well as Ukraine.

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for you as a reseller for our product range.
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Solarpower4you Reseller Terms

Dear coming RESELLER

Nice to meet you and please add us on your whatsapp +45 29834444 for ease of communication thank you so we can discuss further and we hope you are well. Below are the terms for sale from our Denmark based Solarpower4you – Dansk Service to your company.

Please observe that we are extremely busy and the products are flying off the shelves from single consumers as well as large buyers like you of which we have a lot and have been working with for quite some years since 2018.

Furthermore you have the possibility to become our exclusive RESELLER in all of your country meaning that we only sell to you wholesale. You will then receive higher discounts and we will discuss this option with you after seeing your order amount in the near future.

Your Company information.

Please email your company info to us using so we can make your account:

Company name – FULL invoice and shipping adress – VAT number – Business phone – Contact person name – Email

Ordering procedure & minimum Order size.

Please observe that minimum order size as a Reseller is ALWAYS 15 pieces of each unit type.

You order via email for large quantities to

After you order via email we send you back an order confirmation with pricing which you must confirm by email and we will then send you the invoice for the IBAN Bank transfer and when your IBAN payment in FULL has been received we start processing your order.

Please ALWAYS email us your invoice adress info as well as FULL shipping adress for each order.


Payment for orders are ALWAYS PREPAID in FULL via

IBAN transfer to DK1066951001810711 – Swift LUNADK22

Product availability & Warehouse.

We are able to provide low unit prices because we always order large container amounts from our suppliers and we have also Bluetti EB3A, EcoFlow River 2, River 2 Max, River 2 Pro in stock.

You can always see the products currently available on our website and we have our warehouse in Denmark.

We order always in average minimum 2 containers with each 600 assorted units from Bluetti China, Ecoflow and Jackery, with assorted number of battery stations and solarpanels to insure you a regular supply and were currently working on introducing new solar battery stations and products.

Shipping Cost & Times.

We deliver the order insured using our Danish National Freight Carrier Postnord to Ukraine as well as EU, UK, USA and Asia and shipping time is in average 7 to 14 days within the EU (Weekends & Holidays excluded) and in average 7 to 14 days, but allow up to 30 days, for countries outside EU (Weekends & Holidays excluded) and our terms on the webshop apply when you order.

Shipping cost wary depending on what quantity and units is on your order and we will inform you after you inquire and place your order in the order offer we email you after your inquery.

Terms of sale.

All of our terms on our website apply to our Reseller terms on our website which you can find at Terms.


This will be dependant on the order size – The bigger your order the higher the discount and If you have any further questions please email us and we look forward to your confirming your first order.


Below you will find the discounts percentage which will be deducted from the product price on our webshop to your email placed order to

Ordered unit amount See unit price in EUR and availability on our Website Discount percentage deducted pr. unit
0-15 5,00%
16-30 7,00%
31-60 9,00%
61-99 11,00%
100 plus 15,00%
250 plus 22,00%

Best Regards Solarpower4you Dansk Service Denmark

For general inquiries and status of your order please ALWAYS use our CONTACT US online form at

Solarpower4you Dansk Service Denmark

LUNAR Bank account number

Registration no. 6695 Account 1001294357      

IBAN: DK4966951001294357 – Swift LUNADK22

CVR-VAT NO: DK25889363


Open chat
Welcome to - BE SMART GO GREEN ! - Our LIVE ONLINE chat is available from Monday to Friday 9.00 to 21.00 (Weekends & Holidays excluded).